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Matt Chancey, epitome of Manliness? Ugh!

Feministing.com has an interesting, thought-provoking article on Matt Chancey being crowned the epitome of manliness by Old Spice-sponsored contest.

Feministing.com says:

Matthew Chancey won $2,000 and some Old Spice products. Is that a big deal? Not really. But the fact that this person was approved as a finalist by Old Spice and voted winner by nearly 10,000 people as an icon of manliness to follow, is what is disturbing here. If this isn’t a sign we need to seriously reevaluate notions of masculinity in this country, I don’t know what is.

Chancey was chosen with nine other finalists that the contest claims “epitomize the manliness that used to exist before the arrival of metrosexual pretty boys.” But apparently this “manliness that used to exist” regresses all the way back to when women didn’t have the vote. A member of the Christian Reconstructionist movement, a homophobic, anti-choice, anti-contraception group.


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