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Sarah Palin issue provokes Goodbye to Ladies Against Feminism

Ms Mary Catherine at The Knitting Muse has written on why she de-linked Ladies Against Feminism from her side-bar after their unfair, strident attacks on Sarah Palin.

In an article, in her blog, she tells why she differs from LAF on the Sarah Palin issue:

Ladies Against Feminism, I’m disappointed in you. So disappointed. Among all theSarah-Palin-should-stay-at-home-and-raise-her-kids posts you’ve posted, has anybody thought to talk about how a Palin-McCain administration would, you know, be GOOD for the unborn babies, and maybe GOOD for other moms who want to stay at home by making that decision more financially viable, and maybe GOOD for families who want to decide where to send their own kids to school?

That is, McCain is pro-life and pro-cutting taxes and pro-school vouchers, but Sarah Palin is what he needs to get elected. You’d think you’d be happy that she’s there getting everybody energized.

And much more importantly, what about that Christian idea of throwing the first stone? What, the idea is that we’re NOT supposed to throw the first stone? You ladies could have fooled me. As far as I can tell, Sarah Palin is not beating her kids or turning them into slaves or selling her daughters off as young brides to 40 year old polygamist fellows. These are the sorts of things a Christian expects to see condemned, but a loving mom who tries to raise her family well and balances a job too, and maybe feels called by God to serve her country? Condemn the trend of mothers who abandon their families to their careers, sure, and there definitely are mothers who abandon their children to their career, but please don’t presume that you can judge the individual circumstances of someone if they’re not being immoral but just doing something you wouldn’t do yourself.”

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