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Adventures in Mercy & Lady Lydia

Molly Alley or Molleth being the good Christian woman that she is, did not reveal the name of who was lambasting her on her views in her blog – Adventures in Mercy.   

In an article on her blog, Molly instead of focusing on this anonymous person’s atrocious comments choose the higher path of where she might have failed.
Of course, we having no such uber-Christian convictions, feel she was talking about none other than our Lady Lydia. But we are wrong!

What happened? 
The history:
Molly says: I am a part of an email group made up of mothers of many young children and have been for many years. It’s a Christian group and, for the most part, fairly conservative–at least, the vocal ones are. Since I have five young children, a resource like this group can be nice, even though five kids is a fairly small family there. Usually, life with my “small” family keeps me too busy to even bother to read through the email digest, but every so often I will, and, once in a while, I will write a post to send in.

(Hint: Molly was a former member and contributer to the Ladies Against Feminism site.)

Molly says: Recently, this group was talking about how adult children, especially daughters, are Biblically commanded to stay home until and/or if they become married. Mothers were being encouraged to train their daughters that way, etc, and to beware the dangerous world of feminism. So I wrote a post of polite dissent, using many passages of Scripture to explain my position and mentioning some of the many women in Scripture who did not “home-keep,” such as the women who travelled with Jesus, or Phoebe, who Paul had deliver the letter to the Romans.
Many women emailed me to tell me thank you, to let me know that the group has many who are not ultra-conservative and that it’s nice to hear dissenting voices. (I’m glad for those who speak up—they’re brave, in that sort of forum, and needed).

And then enter the whacky combatant:

 Molly says: But one woman emailed me more than a few times, letting me know, in that lovely “righteous anger” that we Christians can use so well, that because I disagreed with her position, I was obviously not a student of God’s Word, was relativistic, my words were poisonous and she wouldn’t read them (though she must have read enough to let me know how horrifically wrong I was), and that I obviously didn’t believe Scripture at all. 

Ladies hate people disagreeing with them, but all the same they’ll pray for them:

Molly says: She closed her final letters, of course, by letting me know she’d be praying for me—you know, that warm “Christian” way of sticking a knife in your rib—and, well, that was that.
What bothered me was the complete lack of logic employed in her responses. She couldn’t hear anything I said—and, for that matter, didn’t appear to be trying to. She’d formed her interpretational grid and it was water-tight. Not only was it infallible, but it had to be protected: it was dangerous to even listen to any other arguments. 

Lady’s usual lack of logic and resort to emotional drama:
Molly says:  She wrote claiming she wanted conversation and asking me to answer a few questions, but it turned out conversation was the last thing we had. People can’t have a conversation when one side has their fingers in their ears and then, despite the fact that they openly tell you they will not listen to the answers you gave to their questions, proceed to tell you exactly what you think and why, resorting to personal jabs while doing so.
Urgh. It got me thinking about how dumb we all can be. I was on the receiving end of a wildly whacking combatant (though I didn’t even want a fight!).






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Lydia Merman! This is me!

Painting by Paula Vaughan  

I love talking and writing about myself, so you can be sure you will hear lots from me. I must first start off with what others are saying about me.
I love dressing and believe dressing beautifully is the only way to heaven – as my beautiful dresses reflect the blessings of my creator. 


One of those nasty Christians posted that I talk crap. Later they changed the title, but the blog url still reads the original version. And I was so shocked to find that my old friend M.A. also joined them in deriding me..Woe unto them, who speak against a defenceless woman – a pastor’s wife.
The following was an automatically denied response to an outrageous blog entry by the Lady Lydia.

This is apparently old news, but hey it’s new to me.  

This is an honest question and petition: Can you imagine Jesus, seriously, walking into a scene of poor women wearing cheap clothes, and sneering? Would He honestly care about their clothing? In His culture, people wore simple robes; utilitarian items, and I’d imagine they would get fairly dirty at times. In fact, I’m certain He would take issue with people flaunting name-brand items, even if it is April Cornell.

If perhaps Jesus’ robe got crinkled in the back, and made His butt look big, would you sneer at Him? Or how about if the Virgin Mary’s skirt got hiked up on accident? I know my clothes have hiked up on me before. In fact, today my zipper was left down accidentally for a few minutes! Even though I love Christ, would you judge me at such an oversight? Also, I’ve been a little lazy about the laundry for a couple of weeks, but honestly I’ve got a lot on my mind, lots of personal and school obligations, friends with issues- you know, the usual. I try to look presentable, but sometimes I just have to throw on the pair of wrinkled jeans with a hole in the pocket, and maybe a tuckable shirt that I don’t bother to tuck in. Does this make me less of a Christian? Will I stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ and be held accountable for my scraggly dungarees? I think not. I hope you count this a mature comment, even though it is a critique of your opinions.

Please consider these thoughts.

Peace to you.


As an artist, I also take issue with her statement about brown and dying flower. Something can be dying yet beautiful at the same time dude! Following her reasoning why would anyone ever want to paint Jesus bloodied on the Cross? Eh… limited aesthetics bother me, and I will stop before I begin an unbridled rant about Thomas Kinkade’s.


The comments to that post were:
btw, for an interesting time related to this, look at the comments on the previous post.
Ooooh, don’t stop now—–I want to hear the Kinkade rant!
🙂 Well said, brother. Well said.
If you really are a brother, I wonder what you think about Christ’s teachings regarding speaking ill of another bro. or sister? I notice your url to this article is “lady lydia speaks but what crap she is.” As for one of your commenters, Molly Aley, she used to write really good articles for LAF and now I see she is right there with you, mocking and deriding me. I assure both of you that I have never written anything negative about either one of you on any site, nor have I ever made a personal, public attack on either of you. You might look up some articles on Modesty and see what people are so concerned about and do some thorough research before you pass judgement on me.
Anonymous said..(P.S. The anonymous is actually me, but then I like to show as if I have friends speaking up for me)
“Will I stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ and be held accountable for my scraggly dungarees? ” Better question for you would be “Will I stand before judgement justifying my personal attack on another, or anyone else in Christ?”
Anonymous said…
I guess in light of the Christless preaching, you are guilty of it just like everyone else. In your view, immodesty does not matter, even though it was preached in the New Testament that women were to dress modestly.

i know this is old, but i also personally know stamati.
i think what he is saying is less of immodesty and more of “not judging by one’s appearance”
for what it’s worth
Anonymous said… (This is again, lovely me)
I was just wondering how Christian the words “…but what crap she is” and what message he is trying to give about himself in this…is it a Christian one, as he claims?

Anonymous said…
He certainly has a right to make his points on his blog, but to claim to be a Christian erstwhile posting an article naming someone else and calling her “crap” (see the web address when you pull up this article) is hardly a Christian gesture.

Anonymous said…
regarding his rant about Kinkade paintings…is a brother born to verbalize disgust at another brother’s work, a work that is a result of his own deep faith in Christ (Kinkade also produces many Christian materials from his artwork) and a brother whose love for Jesus helps him spread light around with such paintings? Granted, not everyone likes the same kind of art, and some prefer high rise buildings rather than homey cottages with families in them. But does a dislike of them necessarily justify Stamati, the “brother” who also claims Christ, to put it down with such disgust? How do you justify this in light of the scripture 1Jn 4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
Granted you have not “seen” Kinkade, or Lydia, but you have seen their things on the web, which you will agree, shows something of their faith in Christ. How can you then write derrogatorily of either of them (for example the”kinkade rant” and the “Lady Lydia Speaks but what she says is crap” in the url title) and still claim to “love” God. God created those two people, so you love God, but you sneer at two people that also belong to Him?

i love how everyone is ranting, anonymously, without really knowing tony or his heart. or really anything about him.
you all are amazing
also, i highly doubt that stamati hates kinkade as a person. i bet they could be great friends.
you all disgust me. coming across like a bunch of staunch saints throwing scripture around without really looking at the anger contained within your words. questioning anothers faith?
based on what?
a blog entry?
have you seen the way stamati is preaching Christ to everyone he meets?
have you seen the way that he challenges himself and others to be closer to Christ?
what fools. what fools. seriously, there is very little that makes me quite as angry as when people judge what they do not know.
This is great info to know.
I want to apologize for anything I have said that has damaged anything but the evil in myself and my fellow believers.
(I know he apologised, but if he really felt sorry he would have deleted the post as I have been urging him in private to do)

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